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We don’t just workout. We integrate fitness into the whole of life. The variety and flexibility available to you all is mind blowing and the difference between giving up on exercise and making it part of a holistic approach to life rests on the enjoyment factor being more powerful than the “its a chore” factor. Flexarian Fitness was built on the belief that exercise should be special, and we carry that belief into everything we do. Adam still loves providing others with the tools for self-reliance when it comes to fitness – Don’t miss out.


Welcome to Flexarian Fitness

Adam (me) & Julie have formed Flexarian Philosophy over a number of decades. We aim to give clients the tools so that you also gain the ability to use Flexarian fitness for your fitness and dietary needs and with that develop the Flexarian attitude which works throughout life. Flexarian fitness is just one of the ways we give back through our pragmatic wisdom gained over more than 45 years exercising intensely.

Our speciality is what we like to call gym in a bag and really came into its own during lockdown. It gives everyone the opportunity to workout anytime, any place and anywhere just because they know how. The only limitation being imagination. Our job is to show you how with the ingenuity and passion inspired by the fantastic variety of exercise and nutrition options available when one really takes notice and accepts the variety with an open-mind. We take great pride in improving upon your favourite exercise choices in new and creative ways.

Discover Our flexible options

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to fitness and hope that Flexarian attitude has spread to the options we offer you to work with us in achieving your goals.

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Getting Started – Fitness Kickstart Consultation – £50

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