Flexarian Fitness Explained

Hey there! Flexarian Fitness Explained

There is nothing in our lives that does not affect our fitness – Flexarian fitness is total fitness and the striving for the priceless, almost invisible capital that has value over and above the money and possessions capital we all blindly strive to amass. Capital that we can all access and the privileged few do not have guaranteed access – often the reverse is true.

What Are These Alternative Capitals?

Attitude Capital – how we interpret our lives and the world – our state of mind – half empty of half full – including faith in the fact that the future will always be better in one way or another.

Social Capital – our physical and emotional relationships with self, others and our environment – This includes a responsibility to the community where the community expands to include as much as our development at any given moment can encompass. The optimum is when “them” is no longer a term we use because we accept every living entity as “US”. No more us and them! There is only one US.

Physical Capital – our health, fitness – body and mind. The lot!

Character Capital – The character strengths we develop throughout life – for me the most important.

Wisdom Capital – we learn facts (knowledge) and are led throughout life to tick boxes through orthodox beliefs – wisdom is knowing that the truth is often very different from what we are led to believe.

Flexarian fitness includes all of the above working together to accelerate our development to previously unknown levels of human fitness for living.

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Meet Julie – My Wife

Julie and I have been married for almost 40 years now and have three lovely children and 4 grandchildren to date. We have four adorable dogs and spend many hours out and about with them. Julie is my partner in everything. She manages a NHS single point of access centre and has a heart of gold.

Julie will be featured in exercise video clips as I am the camera man. I will feature also but maybe not as much. We will see.

The clips and blogs are intended to be tools for development of what I like to call the invisible capital we can amass in our lives. We hope they are of use. I am sure some will be and others not so much. We are all different in our likes and needs and that is the marvel of being human – there is never another “YOU” or “ME” – our personal life experiments are all uniquely ours.

Together we treat life as our own personal experiment and I then relay that to my readers. As best I can.

I have written a number of books aided by Jules and we are linked for life and maybe beyond! Who knows?

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