Practical Tips – Adversity Provides Opportunity – Why Now Is The Best Time To Include Fasting As Part Of Your Total Lifestyle.

We are currently under attack from a virus that has turned our world upside down but is there a way to harvest positives from this apparently purely negative situation that may enable us to grow and help the world situation? I think there is such a way to consume less, save money, help the environment and take the body to new heights of health and fitness – Today I will outline why I think fasting can do all of the above – Julie and I are practicing what we preach.


In the UK – Our normal daily purchases were not for a while readily available apparently due to our greed and panic that we may eventually not be able to get anything. We look to the future as we see it and assume the worst and then we do our best to ensure that it becomes a reality with our less-than-wise actions.

The solution as I see it and a great way to become healthier and slimmer in a time of extreme adversity.

Intermittent fasting is my first suggestion. I am not going to tell you how as there is much for you to engage with online and as engagement is one of the keys the ball is now in your court. Read well and check multiple sources. However, I will tell you how we are doing it right now.

Every day we fast until noon – we then re-feed until 6pm. This is flexible and has to fit your lifestyle as best you can. I plan our feeds precisely and keep busy at all times so as not to focus on hunger or food. It works.

We use less toilet roll for obvious reasons – less flushing so kinder to the environment – we need less food – our bodies run more efficiently. We are mentally sharper. We still meet our protein requirements and we are ripped as usual. My protein is 200 grams per day. having protein supplements available means that food is always handy. I have 5kg of fine oats and buckets of protein in the house always – this way malnutrition is never likely. We use a very good multivitamin tablet pack. Universal animal packs. There is never panic and we never feel the need to join long queues for basic food. I shop out of hours and I am totally flexible as to how I meet my feeding needs. It is a good time to try new stuff.

Delaying gratification and self-discipline are all skills we can develop to better improve ourselves in totality. This is a great time to improve these powerful traits.

These trying times are an opportunity to learn these skills through necessity. There is no such thing as failure. The line is never straight to any goal. zigzag all the way.

Good luck and may you engage and develop the inner passion needed to emerge from this as a stronger, fitter, and wiser human being.

Please note that all of the above is still relevant even in a land of plenty – and a healthier human being is always the result.

Less is More

Gary x

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