A Horror Story For Aspiring Authors

The Potential Horrors Lurking In The Publishing Process

I have just scared myself half to death by reading a book. No, it’s not a book from the horror section; the book is entitled “How to Get Published: Secrets from the Inside”.

As I interpret it in my very delicate state of a morbid fear of the publication process, the sellers do okay, the publishers just about break-even, and I eventually end up buried underneath a mountain of my own books having saved them from being pulped. Gulp! That is if I am lucky enough to be in the 2 per cent that makes it to print. Lucky? Oh well, my mum does want the first signed hard copy of her little soldier’s first book. That must be the silver lining. Am I fazed? A little, but the point for me is that it would be too easy to do nothing. To remain successful in your comfort zone and to impress your closest friends. I have messages and opinions I want to be heard so others can formulate their own unique take on life and act accordingly. And I have myself to contradict for the rest of my life. Luckily I have the Amazon D.I.Y. procedure to at least get to print. Making money is an extremely unlikely outcome for most aspiring authors so it is best to find an alternative motivation. Even with Amazon profit is highly unlikely.

But, apparently the key is in the promotion – a big weakness of mine – statistically buyers rarely read books past the first few pages. Which indicates that the art is in getting people interested in your book from the cover and possibilities that it promises and making it easy to purchase. At which time people impulse buy and then never get around to reading the book. Hmm! This is a very strange world in which we live! A world in which the marketers reap the rewards whilst the creative source often (make that always) gets screwed.

There is another book in the archives called “feel the fear – and do it anyway” – maybe that is the better book to read. I hope you find your reward for writing but concede it may not be money and stuff but rather the creative process and that feeling we all experience but can never quite explain to others. The reason why we write.


Adam x